Some End of Year Perspectives

Putting our thoughts into words and then putting those words down is often a challenge…It is so easy to get side tracked and distracted on this journey of writing.  However, it may often be a sign that life is full and busy and happy – do what you can when you can and don’t look back!

As we are beginning to leap into a new year in the not too distant future, this passage of time is often a good opportunity to reflect on the past, nourish the present, and set some intentions for the future – 2020!

  • Are you living your best life?
  • Are you surrounded with friends and family who nourish you?
  • How is your health and wellness?
  • How is your mind?

Just a few examples of questions that you may want to ask as we approach a new chapter.

Do you wake up each morning with a clear head and make decisions that will help you live your best life? The story we tell ourselves is important in heading each and every day in the right direction… make your story a good one.

Who do you surround yourself with? I love the people in my life – they nourish my soul.   Nourish your relationships with your beloveds.

Is you health and wellness on track? Do you over indulge in all of the wrong things and leave the things that are truly healthy aside? Moving your body, through yoga or in other ways that you enjoy, will help guide your health and wellness journey in the right direction.  You only have one body so treat it wisely so it can last on your journey.

Enjoy the transition into not only a new year but also a new decade! Until next time.


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