A Confusing Time of Year

I always find the spaces in between confusing….let me clarify. 

As the end of August approaches, I often get this feeling of being in between seasons and not sure exactly what to do next.  Even though I know summer is far from over according to the calendar, our minds tend to move towards the start of September and resuming all of our regularly scheduled non-summer activities.

We may experience different emotions – excitement towards what lies ahead, but also more often than not we may experience a sadness to the end of summer.  For me, even though I love Fall, I often feel a bit down as summer winds down and routines kick back in.  Summer is amazing:  the heat, the lack of schedule, ahhhh the freedom…..Fall feels more like we need to tie up our shoes and “get going.”

However, we need not move into Fall with a feeling of loss of summer..rather, we can approach it perhaps with a different point of view.  Conversations with friends I have had of late, I have been hearing people discuss “getting organized” “making fall plans” and the one I love the most “decluttering.”

DECLUTTERING – a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.  That feeling after you have cleaned out a drawer, a closet, a garage….

I have often thought of the practice of yoga as being a decluttering of the physical body – making space as it were.  So the practice of decluttering our lives can extend to not only the body, but also to our homes, our work places and even our relationships…..

OK time for my shameless plug!

I am starting a podcast on decluttering this fall (details to follow).  In my podcast (which will of course relate back to yoga), I will discuss how we can declutter our lives and what benefits can result from the process of simplification and making space.  Shedding ourselves of the things that no longer serve us?? What could be better!  The podcast will be called Decluttering U so keep your eye out for it! You can also hear my appearance on the Hot Air Podcast where I spoke about the principles of Decluttering. 

Until next time



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