Any Plan Is Better Than No Plan

With end of year quickly approaching, I always like to take stock and go through the various “piles” that naturally accumulate in our lives and our homes.

Piles of mail, magazines, random papers, stuff, sorting through drawers…well you get the gist. Sometimes this activity is spurned by trying to locate holiday items that have gone missing and need finding. Most recently I discovered a missing antique chess set (featured in the Instagram picture) which is now available for use and am hoping it will be (it certainly wouldn’t have been put to any use sitting buried in a drawer collecting dust) 🙂

But I digress…..

Finding the chess set got me thinking about the essence of chess, and how important having a plan is when approaching the game. Then I considered “Why is having a plan in life so important?”

Let’s put planning into effect for a moment…I will take a timely activity: Christmas shopping!!

Scenario 1 – you have no plan…you wander into the mall and aimlessly try to figure out where you need to be, what you need to buy, you probably end up leaving unsuccessful and missing many items and/or frustrated.

Scenario 2 -you have a plan… you walk into the mall knowing exactly what you need, you ear mark where you need to be and you get there. You complete your shopping successfully and in good time (and you may even smile and high five yourself in the car):)

In the above two scenarios it seems like the obvious answer is to have a plan, but take other scenarios and often planning consistently wins over no plan:

Sitting down to a meal – some planning on how you are going to approach eating will result in better choices. No planning can lead to negative results and perhaps making poor choices.

Exercising or yoga – planning out your day and including some movement will more likely result in you carrying out your intentions whereas having no plan can often lead to an easy “skip” or “miss.”

You can work with whatever is relevant in your own life and I offer to you that in most scenarios having some plan will bring more success and ease then having no plan at all.

Side note – always be mindful of over planning which can lead to stress and anxiety.. always find the balance even when you are planning!

Until next time, namaste and remember…

“Any plan is better then no plan.”



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