Letting Go

Life is full of challenges – some of them easier to move past then others.

I have always personally found that easier challenges lie in the things we have more control over.  For instance, I can challenge myself to drink a little bit more water each and every day.  Even though it is by definition a challenge, it is within my own personal control on how I approach it.  Perhaps small incremental changes in my water consumption is the way to go;   I can ease into this.

The more difficult challenges perhaps lie in the things in which we have no control – things that may have been done to us or present themselves in front of us that we have no clue how to deal with.  Maybe its a health issue, maybe the loss of something or someone, or perhaps something else that fits into this kind of category.  When we are faced with this type of challenge, there is often more difficulty in how we handle it.

Sure there are choices, some better then others.  If we play the victim to this kind of challenge, we will forever find ourselves stuck in a pattern of negative speak that can end up causing us a lot of pain.  We don’t move forward, rather we find ourselves unable to face the challenge and move past it.

Take a difficult yoga posture for example – we see that it is coming up in the practice and our mind can go two ways – excitement to just “see what happens” when we try the pose, or negative speak which yells ‘you cannot do this!’  Even if the pose proves itself difficult, its all in the approach – is your mind open to whatever comes your way or is it closed off to creating new pathways…

Maybe its all in the letting go…..let go of the expectations you have of yourself; of what you think your life should look like and embrace whatever it is right now.

Sure – things may come up that we don’t like, don’t want, didn’t see coming…but guess what? Thats life! Even if we cannot control all of the things that come our way, what we can control is our reaction to these things. Reaction is key – don’t dwell on what has happened that you don’t like, rather move forward with grace and dignity and Live Life!! We only have one so embrace everyday with joy and happiness.

LET GO of the things that no longer serve you, maybe that means drawing out a different path for yourself (but draw it out in pencil!)  Change can be scary and difficult but it can also be wonderful and fulfilling.

Until Next Time


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