Today is A Good Day for a Blog Post

Well, everyday is a good day, but for some reason today seemed like a good day to post 🙂

Summer can be a chaotic time of year – what??? How dare I even say it! As hearty Winnipeg-ers, we wait all year for this warm air, the beautiful sunshine and all the rest that comes with these things;  how can I even say the words “summer” and “chaos” in the same sentence? Let me explain…

First perhaps I need to clarify – I LOVE summer! I love everything about it:  the beautiful weather, the warm summer nights, the lack of schedules, eating outdoors and barbecuing, coming and going from cottages and vacation spots…..let me pause on this one…

With all of the fun that summer brings, there is always an amount of chaos that it brings with it…do any of these things sound familiar?

  • packing, unpacking, repeat…
  • feeling slightly ungrounded due to that amazing lack of schedule that I referenced earlier…
  • keeping your cool (literally!)
  • company coming and going, groceries, repeat…
  • prepping kids for their endless array of activities including camp, trips to the beach, lake, etc…
  • a constant string of vacationing co-workers that can often interfere with productivity…
  • that out of routine feelings which can encourage laziness, lack of exercise….

Now that I have us all moaning and groaning, why on earth do I feel the need to bring this dark side of summer up?? For me, I find that awareness is key;  just being aware that there will be times that I am feeling overwhelmed is just what I need to relax, breathe, and carry on my merry way.  All of the things I mentioned above (plus insert your own) are just the details of life that we can acknowledge, and then let go.  Its a reminder that there will always be chaos – summer, winter, fall, and spring – but its how we cope with the chaos which is really what matters.  Rather then get caught up in it and be swirled away, we can simply find our grounding and handle each challenge or situation as it arises.

Stress and anxiety are the by-product of looking constantly ahead to what is happening next – so even while making those plans, see if you can  bring yourself back to the now.  Speaking of stress, I came across a wonderful quote today and I think it fits in nicely with keeping our (cool) and calm in the summer months:

“A Year from now everything you are stressing about won’t even matter”

Until next time,


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