Energy and Other Related Thoughts

I know its been awhile since my last blog post, but its summer and lets face it, we all slow down a bit in summer (and thats a good thing!)

I have been thinking a lot about energy, and the various different connotations that this word brings up.

We can speak about energy in terms of whether we have it or not – sometimes we are full of energy and have that get up and go feeling;  other times we lack energy to the point of being fatigued and lethargic.  The fluctuations in our personal energy stores may be due to a variety of factors – not enough or too much sleep;  circumstances of life such as stress or relaxation;  diet and exercise, and a host of other factors.

The other way we can look at energy is in terms of the energy around us, and this meaning is often a little bit less concrete.  “Energy around us?” What does that even mean? Well lets break it down…

In our daily lives, we are surrounded by energy – we can’t see or feel or touch this energy, but its there.  It can be in the workplace, our families, friends, loved ones or basically anywhere.  Sometimes it is positive good energy, sometimes it is the opposite.  Obviously in life it is better to be in contact with good positive energy, as this is the energy that is a conduit to happiness and ease.  Negative energy can create the exact opposite sensations, unhappiness or dis-ease, stress, anxiety (yes all of these lovely things…)  The energy that people or situations present is sometimes noticeable, but often times it is indiscernible and is more of a ‘feeling.’  “Something about that situation or person just didn’t feel right to me…” You walk away not really certain what you feel, but you still feel it.  So seems obvious – avoid negative energy and veer to the positive good energy? Well, it is often not that simple…

Of course the obvious answer is to avoid bad energy at all times, but the reality is this would be impossible.  As well, we do need to have some of that “bad” energy so that we are able to know it, see it, and then move past it.  If we never had any encounters with negativity then we would not be able to grow, learn, and move on from it.  In yoga we often talk about “moving into those postures that we want to veer away from in order to learn the lessons these postures have to teach us.”  So too do we need to allow ourselves to have some discomfort in order to truly learn whet is good and right for us.

As we grow and learn, we may even be able to recognize good versus bad energy, and then make decisions on how to move from there.  Seeing everything as a life experience and helping us grow and learn –

Until next time!


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