The Long Lost Blog

I try not to make resolutions, simply because I feel it sets me up for failure.  As soon as we “resolve” (a firm word at best), when we don’t meet our expectations,, we are usually disappointed with ourselves.

Instead of ‘resolving’ I try to set ‘intentions’ – then if for some reason I am unable to fulfill a goal or goals, it doesn’t feel as upsetting.  Having said ALL of this, my intention was to write a weekly blog, but intentions are made for adjustments.  So I will give myself a break for not living up to this;  life sometimes gets in the way 🙂

Yet, I have missed writing the blog, and I actually feel a sense of joy when I do write regularly, so I started pondering a bit on this…whenever we feel we are too busy, we often tend to neglect and give up the very things that we actually need the most.

See if any or all of these sound familiar:

  • I should go to the gym…..(can’t too busy)
  • I should prepare a healthy meal…(can’t too busy)
  • I should start doing yoga…(can’t too busy)
  • I should write my blog…(can’t too busy)

Column A can go on and on, and typically comprises a list of things that are positive and healthy and beneficial for our lives – things we need.  When we give up our column As, the rest of our lives will most likely suffer.  If we were able to include our column As, even in times of busy-ness, we are actually allowing ourselves to flow through those hectic times more successfully.

Recently I had found myself in a busy time due to an event that was happening in my own family.  There was planning, and meetings, and consulting – lots of things on the go.  I gave in to the craziness and put most other parts of my life on the back burner.  I didn’t exercise as much as I usually do;  I did not practice as much yoga as I typically do;  and  yes, as we all know, I did not write my blog as much as I typically do.  All of these absences did not help me through the busy time, but more likely than not, caused additional stress.  It took me until this very morning, on my yoga mat, in my never to be missed Sunday yoga class with Darlene, where the realization ‘flowed ‘into me – I had not been breathing.

When we are rushing and busy with the demands life sometimes throws on us,  the breath may disappear.  When the breath disappears ,we are actually not even living.  Life requires breath.  Doing the things that help us to breathe and stay calm, whether that is sitting down with a good book, having a nap, taking an exercise or yoga class, or visiting with a friend are all mandatory activities to help us keep our lives balanced and energized.

As I bring my blog to a close, I do intend to write a weekly blog – but I write my intention in pencil 🙂


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