Welcome Spring

The change of a season is a wonderful opportunity for personal “tune-ups.” We are all familiar with the concept of spring cleaning our homes and personal spaces, but what about spring cleaning our minds and bodies?

Winter can be a challenging time for our physical bodies. In colder climates we are often confined to indoor spaces for prolonged periods of time. Lack of sunlight, fresh air and outdoor activity can wreak havoc on us physically. We may gain weight, lose energy, and just basically develop an all over lethargy – winter sickness if you will. Sure, there is always a gym or yoga studio option, but even getting to these places is often difficult to do in the winter months – the air hurts!

On an emotional level, winter can have just as many negative ramifications. We become restless, tired, just plain ‘cold’ if you will. Physical lethargy turns into emotional lethargy and vice versa. However, all hope is not lost…

With the approach of March we see a shift. Perhaps it begins with the time change, but definitely as the calendar date demarcates the arrival of spring, this date “springs” hope. We can begin the process of clearing space for spring to arrive.

Physically, the warmer temperature encourages us to get outside and get some fresh air! Soaking up some vitamin D from the sun – a natural mood reviver – can be wonderful. Taking stock on how we feel physically is important so we can make any changes that may need to happen; eating better and being more physically active will do wonders for our physical selves as well as our emotional selves.

On an emotional level, perhaps changes need to occur to help encourage more contentment: do we have positive relationships in our lives ? What, if anything, is missing on an internal level that may help you live a happier life? Are you consumed with all the wrong things or have you found a good balance to create happiness? Asking the questions and doing some internal investigation can be very productive in moving forward into spring in a healthy way.

So toss open those closet doors as you spring clean, but perhaps also open your own personal doors and see what needs some attention as well!


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