Do You Drink Enough?

Let me explain. No, I’m not referring to THAT kind of drink (many minds went there…).  Instead, I am talking about the other fun drinks:  the water based kind!

So many of us are walking around on a daily basis with some level of dehydration, and we may be completely unaware of it.  “But I drink when I am thirsty…”  Unfortunately, by the time we are thirsty, we have already become dehydrated.  Drinking before this happens is extremely important for so many reasons.

If we are only mildly dehydrated we may not notice it at all.  However, when we become moderately dehydrated, the effects start to roll in.  We may start to notice our mouths become dry or sticky.  Fatigue may set in, possibly head aches, dizziness, or lightheadedness (or all of these things).  Our skin may become dry or dry and cool; we may get muscle pains or cramps.  You may also find that you rarely “pee” if at all.

Severe dehydration results in the following symptoms:

extreme thirst, irritability and confusion, sunken eyes, dry skin, low blood pressure, rapid heartbeat and breathing, no tears when you cry, fever, little or no urination or it is very dark in colour, and in very serious cases of dehydration one will be delirious and may also become unconscious.

It is more rare for us to experience severe dehydration, yet more common to experience moderate dehydration.  In fact, many people are actually moderately dehydrated all the time and are completely unaware of this.  Caffeine consumption whether it be in carbonated beverages or coffee and tea contribute to dehydration, as does alcohol.  What we eat also plays a part;  salty foods which form a large part of many diets will contribute vastly to dehydration.  It is important to always keep up your level of water consumption so the body stays hydrated.

Water consumption doesn’t have to be boring – add a twist of lemon or lime, herbal tea, warm water with a dash of honey all qualify as hydration friendly drinks.

If you are an active person, whether it be hitting the gym or the yoga studio, it is even more important to watch your hydration level.  Physical activities deplete our body of its water reserves even more, so it is key to replenish these.  Yoga practice encourage a lot of flushing and purification whether it be through twisting poses or other, so remember to drink after you practice yoga even if you have not sweat that much.

Of course we don’t have to exist on water alone…. enjoy all of the foods and drinks life has to offer – just remember to find a balance and keep your body ‘watered.’

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