Happy LOVE day

February 14, 2018

Sometimes called a Hallmark Holiday, Valentines Day rolls around every year not unlike many other celebratory days, and call it what you will, I personally love it 🙂  Who doesn’t enjoy heart shaped chocolates and other love branded tokens.

For yoga teachers, we often look to these celebrations as inspiration for our classes.  Valentines Day opens up many possibilities including heart openers, letting go, and nurturing our inner selves.

When we consider the act of love, it is often directed outwards;  maybe towards a spouse or partner, maybe towards a family member such as a parent or child, or perhaps towards a close friend.  However, when we express love it is important not to forget the most important recipient of our love, and that is ourselves.  Loving oneself is perhaps the most important love we can give, for if we don’t love ourselves then we cannot possibly love another or others.

On this wonderful day of the heart, consider allowing yourself some time to do something you enjoy that nurtures your soul.  One of the things that I enjoy doing on Valentines day is a loving kindness meditation.

Find a quiet area where you can take a comfortable seated pose.  Once there, allow your eyes to close and begin to focus on your breath and on lengthening your spine.

Think of someone you love deeply, and begin to send that person all of your loving kindness…

After several breaths, think of someone you are neutral towards, whoever that may be, and begin to send that person all of your loving kindness….

Again, after several breaths, now think of someone that you struggle with…send that person all of your loving kindness….

Finally, turn your attention inwards and consider yourself…send yourself all of your loving kindness..

Continue to sit quietly for a few more breaths letting all of that love float outwards and inwards.  Once you open your eyes you may feel incredibly joyful and happy as you basque in positivity and love.  Oh, and don’t forget, have a few sweet heart shaped treats as well!!

Have a wonderful day full of love


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