Welcoming 2018

January 1st has come and gone, but its never too late to welcome in a new year and give some thought about how you would like 2018 to go for you personally.  As always, it is important to write your plans in pencil, and also not to get too caught up in what our expectations are.

I am writing this on a Sunday afternoon after attending my weekly Sunday morning flow class, taught by my teacher and friend Darlene at the Yoga Centre Winnipeg.  As we were settling in, Darlene suggested that we set an intention for the class, the intention being centred on what we would like the practice to bring to us.  As I sat and pondered this, several different options arose:  energy, joy, calm, relaxation were all options I considered.  I settled in on joy.

As the practice progressed and there were some challenges to face, I focussed on mentally returning to my intention:  joy.  Sure, not all of the poses felt joyful to me, and I certainly was challenged during the class, but when I reminded myself of my intention, I found some ease and comfort.

Before we transitioned from 2017 to 2018, I focussed my blogs on setting intentions for the new year. It was in this moment this morning that I was able to find how I intend to approach the new year…..one intention at a time.


I intend to have intentions! Rather than make a list of what I intend, my intentions will ebb and flow.  I will give myself the space to create, change, and remove intentions through the  passage of time, and approach each new situation or challenge with an intention that makes sense to me in that moment.

  • If I am faced with a challenge, perhaps I will find the intention of being “calm” in that moment to assist me …
  • If I am heading out on a trip or adventure, perhaps my intention will be “relaxation”
  • If I am starting any new kind of program (fill in the blank) I will perhaps find the intention of “energy” …well you get the jist

There is no need to feel pressure on setting some intentions for 2018…let them come as they may! Maybe this is the key to finding your own personal success… whatever that may be !

Namaste and Happy New Year

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