TIME: Why we need it

Recently one of my students approached me after class with some wonderful news.  She has been attending this particular class for a few years now, and wanted to let me know how the class has been helping making such a difference in her body.  Having a few conditions and injuries, the relief on her face was palpable.  Often when we experience pain in the body we start to believe that this is the way we will always feel;  so when we realize that pain can be minimized it is an extremely welcome relief.

When any of us experience pain or injury in our lives, regardless of whether this is a physical condition or emotional condition, we have the tendency to immediately want the ‘pain’ to go away. What we are usually less willing to do is wait and let time heal the wound, and this reminds us of the old adage “Time Heals All Wounds.” Although there are certainly types of injuries where this unfortunately may not be true, many injuries we experience in our lives do fall into the category of time will heal them (these will be the injury types I will refer to in my blog).
Finding patience during trying times is easier said than done.

Simply allowing ourselves some time is very important in times of injury. Healing, whether it be of a broken bone or a broken heart cannot be done overnight. Time allows contemplation, space, and ultimately healing to result.

However, we also need to remember that time alone may not be enough, and there needs to be a certain amount of personal buy in to heal ourselves…Let me explain…

Lets begin by discussing injury on a physical level.  An individual (lets call him Pat, short for ImPATient) experiences a physical injury (impermanent) and is unable to do all of the activities he was able to do before. Pat was an active guy and is now forced to slow down and allow the injury to heal.  The doctor advises him that he can still do low impact exercises but that he needs to rest and slow down.  Pat is immediately upset with the news and starts to feel a certain amount of sadness that he is unable to resume his regularly scheduled life;   he decides that he is going to wallow in self pity and do nothing.  He does not even participate in the exercises his physiotherapist has given to him to encourage the healing process.  In this scenario, time may not heal the injury because Pat is not participating.  Often when we are injured the reaction is to not move the injured part of the body, either as a result of fear of doing so or just basically this ‘give up’ mentality.  We need to contribute to the healing by slowly bringing circulation back into the injured area in a gentle way, this is where the healing can begin.  If we hold the body still, with rigidity, healing is not encourage and it will take much longer to occur.

When we experience a physical injury, we need to allow ourselves the patience and space and most importantly TIME for this injury to heal.  This by no means implies doing nothing and waiting it out.  What it does mean is finding some acceptance and compassion for ourselves, and give ourselves the time needed to recover.  This theory can also apply to what I will call the injury we cannot see – but one that may reside within ourselves in the emotional body.  When something happens that injures our spirit, time and patience will help us recover.  Just as with a physical injury, we can help move the process of recovering from an emotional injury along by filling our lives with positivity and happiness.

The more positive we are the more likely we will be to face all of life’s challenges, whether these be physical or emotional challenges.

As we approach the giving season, maybe give yourself the gift of time…


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