Times of Comfort and Times of Challenge: Its all in the Coping

Each week on Sunday morning I attend a yoga flow class at the Yoga Centre Winnipeg (shameless plug :), and this week was no exception.  As we prepared for practice, we were instructed that there would be moments where we would likely bask in pleasure and enjoyment; but there would also  be moments where we would be outside of our comfort zones.   For me,  these turned out to be very true words.

At the start of the class, I had several moments where I literally needed to breathe and just accept and ‘be’ in some of the postures;  poses which I found challenging on both a physical and emotional level. There is often a moment where we are experiencing something, whether on or off of our yoga mats, where we need to acknowledge the challenge and then find some acceptance.  We don’t panic, we don’t feel anguish, but rather we just breathe.  I have had this experience in my life and in my practice, and I have come to realize that once these moments pass us by, they leave a small gift.  For me, it’s the gift of knowing that whatever comes my way, I will be OK.  These moments also allow us to know and appreciate those times where we do find more natural comfort or pleasure;  moments which are equally as important and profound in life. 

Regardless of who we are, we all experience discomfort during our lives;  nobody can escape or control this.  However, what we can control is our reactions to these events or moments.  Knowing that all will be well is a profound form of radical acceptance that can ease our mind in times of turmoil.


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