How we are programmed and How to Begin The de-programming journey

We are all existing in this world with certain belief systems regardless of our age, ethnicity, background, upbringing, or communities.  These systems can be both positive and negative and often we are unaware they are even in play because they simply are the essence of our beings.  As example, many of us subconsciously or consciously hold the belief that if something is not difficult or hard it is not worth doing; that if we don’t feel on a physical level, that we are not really doing anything at all.  Such a belief may have arisen in childhood or along the road to adulthood, and is a very difficult one to rid ourselves of.

On numerous occasions I have had students come to me and express such statements as “but I don’t feel it” or “it feels too easy” or a personal favourite “i need to work hard or I don’t enjoy the practice.”

Now I am certainly not here to dispel the notion of hard work or exerting energy when we participate in physical activity, but what I will debunk is the notion that this is the only thing that can bring about change in the body.  Sure, we may enjoy and even need cardio or sports, but we also equally need to  nourish the body and this can be an excellent place for yoga to be brought into the mix.  Allowing ourselves the gift of slowing down, breathing, and truly settling into asanas can bring about a calm and bliss that we never thought possible.

There is a beautiful yoga philosophy that we need to step into and embrace not only the things we love but also the things that we may not love, whether that’s a yoga pose, or something else in our lives.  This is what harmonizes and brings balance to the body and the soul.  IF you are reading this and find that you may fall into the group of “I find it very difficult to slow down” space, then it just may be that you may greatly benefit from leaning into this place rather than avoiding it.

Give yourself the gift of slowing down.


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